Radio equipment - keeping your business communicating

Do you work in a fast paced business environment where you need fast, reliable communication? Well you're in the right place. We sell, hire and service a comprehensive range of radio equipment to suit a variety of applications.

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We stock a large range of radio equipment. Our radios are suitable for a variety of applications from use at a football match, to co-ordinating works on a construction site our radios will keep you in communication with those you need to.


Our hire service enables you to hire quality, reliable radio equipment at competitive prices. We take care of the maintenance of the equipment and keep you supplied throughout the hire period.


As part of our aftercare custome service we offer servicing of all products we sell or hire. We have the expertise and knowledge of servicing radios to keep your radio equipment working so you can keep your business functioning.

For further details of our products and services please call: 

01432 267 864

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